The First NFSHEvent

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
8:00 PM
- 11:00 PM

New York Vintners

NFSHE hosted a Web3 learning and networking event with Web3 speakers panels and a unique culinary, drink, and art experience. No prior knowledge necessary; everyone welcome! 

Included with ticket purchase:

Attend the Web3 speaker panels curated by NFSHE

1. Women in Web3

2. Web3 Fashion

3. Marketing & Content Creation

Food & Drink (all included with purchase of ticket)



Kelley Anderson

Kelley Anderson is the Founder and Creator of Art Botanica, a moss art studio based in Los Angeles, and her newest endeavor, “She Blooms” an NFT series launching in May 2022. Her art has been showcased in galleries, media, events, and private collections across the world.

Through the power of nature, Kelley is able to overcome the obstacles that stood in her way and create a life for herself that was once only a dream.

Kelley’s life changed forever when she became a single mom. She had an infant son and no way to support him on her own. She felt isolated and financially drained. But when she reached out to nature, it gave her back everything she was missing: strength, love, security, and hope. It taught her how to stand tall on her own two feet and be there for her son through the challenges ahead. Nature helped Kelley design a destiny she could not have imagined before.

Today, Kelley is committed to empowering others to create their own destinies by sharing her story through her botanical art and mission-driven NFT series, “She Blooms”, because life is about blossoming into ourselves and how we offer our gifts to the world around us.

Caitlin Strempel

Caitlin Strempel is the founder of the first-ever woman-owned NFT marketing agency for female artists; AND, the founder of The Calibration Room, a safe networking and connection space for the women of Web3. She’s host of the “Women in NFTs & Web 3” podcast, and an international speaker. Her NFT agency crafts custom marketing and launch plans for 1:1 artists all the way to large-scale NFT collections. She has 15 years of experience in getting brands to the top of their industry, 6-figure launches, and million-dollar months. Caitlin firmly believes that wealth belongs in the hands of all types of women (especially in male-dominated industries) and is here to make that happen.

Kelly Moran

Currently based in Los Angeles, Kelly is a prolific software investor, strategic advisor and veteran with dedicated experience in program management & software development, specifically surrounding disruptive blockchain applications. In August 2021, Kelly resigned from her role at a Private Equity firm to pursue Web3 full time and launched Fateful Youth, first live-action editorial avatar collection that introduces a new a go-to-market model for the fashion industry, 6mo later. In addition to Fateful Youth, Kelly is actively launching 3 DAOs and runs her own enterprise Web3 advisory firm. All efforts are geared towards expanding the accessibility of Web3 to meaningfully improve the human experience and ensure economic opportunity for underserved demographics.

Katreena Tecson

Katreena is a partnerships and business development manager at cocoNFT. She also creates educational NFT conten on TikTok. Her journey into web3 started as a crypto trader in 2016 and her passion for the web3 space has grown ever since!


Brainshambles is a Cleveland, Ohio based NFT artist. She is a corporate marketing executive by day, and Web3 enthusiast by night. Her genesis collection, Anxious Bulldogs, has served as the launchpad for a personal journey focused on philanthropy, community building, and onboarding new people to the NFT space.

Tati Bohorquez

Tati is a Web3 Nomad and Content Creator. Community & Content Manager of Clutch Wallet & Cheres. Focused on merging the beauty of food with nfts.

Kiana Pirouz

Kiana Pirouz is a former Web2 CMO turned Web3 strategist. She is a futurist looking to create better standards in Web3.

Matthew Pandolfe

Matthew Pandolfe is a fashion & portrait photographer based out of NYC.

Stacie A Buhler

Stacie a Buhler is a fashion photographer, NFT digital illustrator, and marketing enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California. Stacie has been a fashion photographer for almost 10 years. Her lively personality, and welcoming energy helps her pull out the best in her subjects she is photographing. Her work has been published in over 50 publications throughout the world including vogue Russia, NYLON magazine, PAPER magazine, and L’Officiel Austria to name a few. Her clients are throughout the world. Photo work for brands like Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, Meatless Farm X Nikki Glaser, Swimsuits For All, B&H Photo, and many more. Buhler created the digitally illustrated NFT brand THE UGLY NFTS. This includes her sold out collection UGLY BETTYS, and the UGLY BERTS collection. With much more on the way… In just 5 months Stacie has built a twitter community to over 13.5k followers. Her enthusiasm for community and marketing go hand in hand. Stacie often speaks on marketing at conferences and events nationwide.

Lauren Turton

Lauren Turton is a Public Speaker, host of the podcast Freedom with NFTs (Gary Vaynerchuck has been a guest on the show) and is an advocate for women in Web 3. She is on a mission to onboard and educate the masses to Web 3 so more people can create new opportunities and revenue streams in their lives. She has a #1 Best Selling book on the business expansion process she created called Soul Career Clarity and was featured in Forbes in 2021.

Lior Cole

Lior Cole is a worldwide IMG model, Cornell University student, and tech/web3 fashion entrepreneur with some exciting projects in the works!

Kayla Trivieri

Known for her “tech for hot girls” series on TikTok, Kayla has cultivated a following of 235K+ and growing on social media platforms. Her content focuses on Web3, fashion and NFT’S. Currently, she is the Chief of Product at appreciate. Previous to her life on social media, Kayla worked at PwC, OpenIDEO and notably IBM as a Managing Consultant on the Edge Computing team. She’s a Toronto native, exploring her new roots in NYC.

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is a business development analyst at MINTNFT, a premier marketplace and platform for NFTs working with major mainstream/luxury brands such as Mattel Creations (Barbie) and Balmain. Lauren also helps advise charity-driven and social justice NFT projects like Punk Angels. Born and raised in Hong Kong as a Korean American, and recently graduated from Georgetown University, Lauren is now based in New York City. Outside of web 3, Lauren is a passionate creative writer, journalist, social justice documentary filmmaker, and 3D artist. She is so excited to be part of the NFT and web 3 space, and looks forward to connecting with people during the event!

Ketia Jeune

Ketia Jeune also known as The Pink Publicist is the founder of PinkPlan3t, an agency that channels narratives and technological strategies for creative brands. Jeune is also a Brand Marketer for an online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 global boutiques. In 2019, Jeune received her M.S in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from NYU. She also has published articles in PR Daily exploring the Intersectionality between public relations & tech. Jeune has worked with talents such as Chi Ossé, Selah Marley and companies like ABC News, Edelman, Revolt TV, the 60th Grammy Awards plus more.

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